Two New American Gods Clips Talk About the Deities Who Live Among Us

Image: Starz
Image: Starz

The man called Shadow Moon is going to learn that it’s important to listen when deities speak. Especially gods who wield hammers that tend to get covered in blood.


The TV series adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is two weeks away from its debut on Starz, and the network’s debuted two glimpses of the show today. The first clip shows Shadow in prison, getting advice about air travel from fellow inmate Low Key Lyesmith, played by Jonathan Tucker (Justified).


The second is great for anyone who’s coming to this series cold, as it’s a mini-featurette with Gaiman, lead actor Ricky Whittle, and executive producers Bryan Fuller and Michael Green talking about about the show and its larger thematic concerns. If you’ve read American Gods, then you can get a little taste of how the show’s creators will dig into the metaphysical themes of the beloved novel, which seem to resonate even more today. The conflict between old and new gods kicks off with American Gods’ TV debut on April 30.

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I really, really want this to be a great series.

Hopefully the promise I’m seeing here will be fulfilled as the series launches. I’d like to see how far the concepts behind the novel can be taken and then extended in ways we couldn’t predict for future seasons.

Just need to find the right God to pray to, I suppose.