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You may feel as if you've seen enough Star Trek trailers to whet your appetite for May's big-screen relaunch, but studio Paramount doesn't agree with you; there are more to come, highlighting emotion and explosions.


The Hollywood Reporter digs into the marketing of this summer's JJ Abrams-helmed revamp of Gene Rodenberry's famous franchise, and reveals that Watchmen's March 6th release will be accompanied by an extra treat for geeks like us:

A new trailer will pair with "Watchmen" on March 6 and highlight the emotional aspects of Kirk's story, and the final spot will reach out to families who saw and liked such similar PG-13 fantasias as "Indiana Jones" and "Transformers."


On the one hand, huzzah for a couple of new trailers before the movie's release, but on the other, do we really need to see more of Kirk's emotional aspects? I hate to say it, but I think I liked him better when he was shallow, smarmy and Shatner.

'Star Trek': Enterprise marketing [Hollywood Reporter]

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