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What big event comics debut this week? We've got Brightest Day 0 (the miniseries in which everyone old and dead is new and alive again!), Flash #1 (Barry Allen's new ongoing), and World War Hulks Hulked-Out Heroes 1. The latter stars HulkPool, who has the potential to become my favorite alternate-dimension oddball hero, this side of Vampire Storm and Soviet Superman.


As for others comics of note (drumroll please)...

- Siege Loki 1: Phonogram's Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie and the trickster god. Nice.

- BPRD King Of Fear 4: Hellboy fans take note, this story dredges up some plot twists from years back.

- Doc Savage 1: The Man of Bronze returns, under the aegis of Paul Malmont.

- Daredevil 506: (top) That Paolo Manuel Rivera cover deserves to be framed.

- DMZ 52, Fables 94, Unwritten 12: Vertigo's stalwart titles keep chugging along. New story arc in Fables featuring Rose Red.


- Black Widow 1: Marjorie Liu takes on Natasha Romanoff in this new ongoing.


- Daytripper 5 (pictured): Casanova's twin brother team of Gabriel Bá and Fabio Moon = worth a look.

- Punisher MAX 6: MAX Bullseye. Nuff said.

- Fevre Dream 1: A Song for Fire and Ice's George R.R. Martin brings readers a Mississippi vampire miniseries.


- Irredeemable Special 1: More backstory of the Plutonian, before he was homicidal.

- Wolfskin Hundredth Dream 1: Warren Ellis' viking fable continues.

As for notable trades, there's Alan Moore's Tom Strong Deluxe Edition Vol 2 hardcover, Dash Shaw's BodyWorld (did you see io9's interview with him last week?), and Garth Ennis' Crossed (lend it to your grandparents!).


What's MY PICK OF THE WEEK? Marvel's Excalibur Visionaries: Warren Ellis Vol. 1 trade paperback. Even when the stories were profoundly nonsensical, the Excalibur of the late 80s and early 90s was usually entertaining and idiosyncratically British. This is obviously marketed to all you Warren Ellis completists out there, but it's also nifty to see a cross-section of the X-universe circa 1994. Also, Kitty Pryde shacking up with Pete Wisdom. Ye gods!


Here's the full list of this week's releases and a site to find your local comic merchant. See you in the funny pages!

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