Two guys attempt to simply walk into Mordor... for real

We all know the saying "One cannot simply walk into Mordor." But is it true, or was Boromir just being a pessimist? Kerry Shawcross and Chris Demarais of Rooster Teeth (the Red Vs. Blue guys) decided to find out for themselves by flying to New Zealand, and setting out from the set of Hobbiton to Mount Ngauruhoe, the mountain that stood in for Mount Doom. Turns out the walk between the two is a touch over 120 miles long, but luckily these two have a guide, sleeping bags, lembas bread, and plenty of farm animals to harass along the way. The first part of their journey is above, and it's pretty fun - I look forward to them getting conscripted into Sauron's army in episode 2.


[Via The One Ring]


Rob Bricken

Huh. I knew it was Boromir — it's not like I don't know my Sean Bean fantasy characters — but typed Aragorn anyways. Heap all the scorn you want on me; I deserve it.