Aw yeah. Last night's Nikita gave two of the show's supporting castmembers a chance to shine, and the results were thrilling. Also, there was an excellent fakeout with Birkhoff, and a lot of spy-vs-spy action.


Spoilers ahead...

One thing I like in this final mini-season of Nikita is that our heroes are slowly chipping away at the Shop's plans, while still taking some major setbacks and having their plans go awry. It's not like Nikita's crew is totally incompetent until the last episode, when they're suddenly unstoppable.


Nikita and her gang have succeeded in taking out two key pod people, the NSA guy and the FBI guy, and they're onto a third, the Pakistani official. The Shop's plan to replace key government officials with brainwashed duplicates and start a war with Pakistan has taken some major hits — but meanwhile, none of Nikita's plans has gone exactly right, either. She didn't succeed in recruiting the cable news guy, or getting the FBI to realize their deputy director has been replaced with a dupe.

And now, I guess, Nikita has to turn herself in? Is her failure to do that going to be addressed, at all?

In any case, last night's episode dealt with two side characters. In the clip above, you can see Alex showing her true self to the interrogator who's been trying to "break" her. Alex is accused of paying Nikita millions to assassinate the president, and the money supposedly came from Pakistan via an energy company her trust owns shares in. (Not, I gotta say, the most elegant money-laundering scheme of all time.) The interrogator tries to paint Alex as a party girl who buys an assassination the same way she would buy a fancy handbag — but then Alex finally breaks just enough to show how tough she really is. Love that scene so much.

By the time Michael and Sam/Owen/Jerkface get there to rescue her, Alex has already gotten out of her cuffs and dealt with most of her guards.


Meanwhile, Nikita pulls a pretty neat fake-out with regards to Birkhoff — we're led to believe he's a pod person, through lots of little hints, including his refusal to finger Ron Perlman as the NSA mole. (Okay, fine, Ronald Peller. I was just having fun imagining Hellboy working at the NSA.) Plus there were other misdirects, like Amanda saying her next agent had only just begun his mission, etc.

But no — Birkhoff isn't a mole. He's actually secretly the son of the NSA guy, Peller, who faked his death when he was a teenager and went underground as a haxx0r. And Birkhoff is worried that if they deal with the NSA pod person, his real dad will die, the same as happened to the real FBI guy. Which seems a not unreasonable concern. So instead, Nikita cooks up a different scheme — pretend to work with the NSA mole, then give him a thumb drive that can be used to find the Shop's secret headquarters.


Of course, like all of Nikita's plans, it goes somewhat wrong — but at least, while Birkhoff is pretending to work with the fake Ronald Peller, he manages to send a secret message to his real dad:

Aww... secret nerd communication. Too bad Ronald Peller isn't good at being sneaky, despite having been at the NSA all this time. Their ruse is found out, the fake Ronald Peller tries to kill Birkhoff and is killed in turn, and Amanda now knows the truth about Birkhoff — so she plans to use Birkhoff's dad to try and get inside his head. Oh, and there's a mention of a "stux worm" that the Shop aims to deploy if their plans go south.


All in all, the final season of Nikita continues to be a flood of melted candy, as if from some kind of candy volcano. Moar, please.

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