What if it’s, like, a murderous squid?
Image: Rustic Films

Indie horror is a treasure, and Something Else, an indie horror comedy from filmmakers Jeremy Gardner and Christian Stella, seems like quite a treat.

In a clip of the film, which is set to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival, two friends hunt an alien while debating what, actually, an alien is, and how justified it is to be terrified out of their minds at it.

It’s a delightful snippet, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, that hits its tone excellently, both unsettling and goofy, like a joke that slowly becomes serious. Before today, this movie wasn’t on my radar at all, but now I’m hoping it gets a release where I can check it out.


Something Else, starring Brea Grant, Henry Zebrowski, Justin Benson, and Ashley Song, premieres at Tribeca Film Festival on April 26th.

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