Two Astronauts Must Decipher An Emergency Message From Their Future

Inspired by a script outline by Precious screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher, Exit Log follows two astronauts on a ship that can travel three minutes back in time. When they receive an emergency message from an alternate version of themselves, how will they proceed?


For Bombay Sapphire's Imagination Series, Fletcher wrote a very basic outline of a script without any details or direction. Various filmmakers offered their treatments of the script, proposing very different stories told in different genres. Exit Log is screenwriter Chris Cornwell's creation, imagining a future that employs a very limited form of time travel. Information can travel back in time—but that information may not be able to save our protagonists.

You can read about the process of making Exit Log on the Imagination Series blog.


[via Sam Morrill on Vimeo]

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First off the reveal was FUCKED UP YO!!! lol second why not tell yourself hey went back in time go now and activate the time drive to buy you 2 more minutes and then keep doing that till you have enough time to fix the engine problem? They didn't say the machine couldn't be daisy chained to buy say an hour if need be.