Two Astronauts Grow to Hate the Shit Out of Each Other in Beyond the Edge

Casper Van Dien, Adrienne Barbeau, and Sean Maher in Beyond the Edge. Image: Screen Media Films

The close confines of an extended space mission would be enough to test the patience of most people—especially when it’s a crew of just two: a marine biologist (Firefly’s Sean Maher) and a military pilot (Starship Troopers’ Casper van Dien). But in the new movie Beyond the Edge, when their relationship starts to break down, so does reality. so does the weirdness.

Check out how delightfully weird the official synopsis is:

A decade into their mission to reach the end of the universe, Marine biologist Dr. Abe Anderson (Sean Maher) and pilot Lt. Col. Harold Richards (Casper van Dien) begin to unravel as mysterious occurrences happen onboard. When Harold dies in a freak accident, Abe realizes that this isn’t the first time. As the past and future collide, Abe must figure out what is real before they truly reach the edge of space.


As an added bonus, Adrienne Barbeau plays what appears to be the mission leader back on Earth who sets Abe and Harold’s unsteady partnership in motion. io9 is happy to present an exclusive clip where the tension between the two astronauts reaches its breaking point.

Or a punching point, if you will. And what gives—does van Dien’s character have to push those buttons, or not?


Beyond the Edge will be available February 7 via VOD; the iTunes presale link is live today. Here’s the trailer if you want to see a bit more.

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