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Dan Sinker, former editor Punk Planet, caused a huge stir when he tweeted as a fake Rahm Emanuel, and his tweet-story became increasingly satirical and absurdist. The result is being released as a book, The F***ing Epic Twitter Quest Of @MayorEmanuel, and to celebrate, Sinker is tweeting a new science fiction story tomorrow as @HuffPostBooks.


Talking to the Huffington Post, Sinker explains:

Well, this is Huffington Post Books, so I wanted to write a short story about books, about their mythologies and about why we hold the stories inside them so dear. But I'm setting it far in the future, at the very end of days for the book. Like the @MayorEmanuel story, a lot of it will be improvised-I have a few images I like and some beats I want to be sure to hit-but absolutely interaction from the audience is going to be crucial, even if a time-shifted link from the far future that somehow intersects with present-day Twitter and allows communication to flow in real-time may seem like a difficult rig to build.


Looking forward to seeing how it turns out! [via AV Club]

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