Twittering Creates Doctor Who Whisper Campaign

It may be the most beautiful Doctor Who comic ever made, and as co-writer John Reppion explains, Doctor Who: The Whispering Gallery owes its very existence to Twitter. The internet: Finally proving its worth.

The Whispering Gallery - a one-shot written by Reppion and writing partner (and daughter of Watchmen's Alan Moore) Leah Moore, and illustrated by Ben Templesmith that teams David Tennant's Doctor with Martha Jones as they investigate a planet that's outlawed emotion - may look very impressive right now, but it didn't necessarily start that way, as Reppion explained,

Ben actually approached Leah via the modern miracle of Twitter and asked her if we'd be interested in pitching for a Doctor Who one-shot with him as the artist. Naturally, we were thrilled and said yes immediately. Ben is a fantastic artist and we both really admire his work, so it's great to be able to work with him on such a brilliant little project.


Not that the entire process was without stress - or nocturnal inspiration, for that matter, according to Moore:

We were trying to come up with a pitch to send in to IDW and having a really hard time thinking of anything... Everything we could think up had already been done, or was not the right kind of story. We went off to bed one night after brainstorming fruitlessly for hours, and I went to sleep worrying that we'd not be able to think of anything and miss out on writing it altogether. [That night] I woke up and said loudly, ‘I know what we are doing for Doctor Who!’ which woke John up. We got it turned round in a week or so after that. Pretty fast for us.

Doctor Who: The Whispering Gallery hits stores at the end of February next year.

Moore & Reppion on "Doctor Who: Whispering Gallery [Comic Book Resources]


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