Twist! M. Night Shyamalan to make TV for Syfy channel

M. Night Shyamalan is now going to start making television for Syfy. But here's the (welcome) twist! Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Fright Night's Marti Noxon is also attached to the project as a producer/writer. The Hollywood Report explains that the pilot is titled Proof and "centers on the son of a billionaire tech genius who, following an accident that claims his parents' lives, offers a large reward for anyone who can find proof of life after death."

Both Shyamalan and Noxon are co-writing the pilot and will stay on as executive producers. We like the premise, and we love Noxon's work. She might be the perfect person to reign Shyamalan in and prevent this from becoming The Happening 2: The Airbender in the Water.


Via Whedonesque. Image: Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY.

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