Twin Peaks' Slow Pace Is Actually Genius, and This Video Explains Why

Image: Showtime

Twin Peaks: The Return is visually stunning and thematically complex, with dozens of characters and plot lines inhabiting a world that’s slowly being invaded by a dark parallel dimension. “Slowly” is a key descriptor, but the show’s unique pace is a very deliberate choice made by David Lynch.

In a short video post for Fandor, filmmaker Dominick Nero takes a close look at Twin Peaks, focusing mostly on The Return, and offers a reminder that very often, pauses in action are where Lynch’s most profound moments take place. So the next time someone complains that the new Twin Peaks moves like molasses, or wonders why we just spent an entire scene watching someone sweep the floor at the Roadhouse, or screaming about Dougie (or Candie)—remind them that it’s all part of Lynch’s master plan. Could be that if you don’t appreciate the stillness, you’re not watching closely enough.


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