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Werewolf teen Taylor Lautner may be able to keep his sexy role in the Twilight sequel, New Moon — he's just gotta pack on 29 pounds to seal the deal.


Entertainment Weekly hears that things are looking up for little Taylor Lautner. Apparently all of his campaigning might have paid off, as rumor has it he may stay on for the next movie.

This week, the hammer is supposed to drop on whether or not he is in or out, and EW says Lautner is in, along with Kristen Stewart (returning as Bella Swan) and Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen).


The big issue surrounding Lautner is his weight. In New Moon the werewolf boy is supposed to grow up much more physically and look akin to a 25-year-old. Supposedly Lautner has already packed on 19 pounds and promises to gain 10 more. Because that's what I want in my teen urban fantasy movie about vampires and werewolves: realistic-looking body types. Come on, Summit, just let the kid have the part. Enough is enough.

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