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After the raging success of the Twilight books and movies, and so-so performance of The Host, Stephenie Meyer is back. She’s working with Lionsgate on a new TV show that’ll air on Hulu, called The Rook.


The Verge notes that Lionsgate is selling The Rook as having “a strong female protagonist,” and that it will be made with the help of a not-yet-named major British network. Deadline confirms that the show is an adaptation of Daniel O’Malley’s 2012 book, also named The Rook, and notes that O’Malley has an upcoming sequel titled Stiletto coming out next year:

Meyer, who will executive produce The Rook, had taken the project to Lionsgate earlier this year. The Rook is based on O’Malley’s genre novel which introduces a strong female protagonist named Myfanwy Thomas with extraordinary powers who is employed by a mysterious British government agency responsible for defending the UK from supernatural threats.


Kirkus Reviews likened the source material to Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Ghostbusters. That sounds promising—and since Myfanwy starts the story with amnesia, she’s kind of a Jason Bourne type, with an otherworldly twist, and presumably devoid of any sparkly romance.

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