Twilight Lead Can't Be Bothered To Read Next Twilight Book

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Even though all the adorable sour-pussed faces from the new vampire movie Twilight have been signed up for the sequel, New Moon, the movie's lead, Kristen Stewart, has not read the second book of the series by Stephenie Meyer. "I couldn't wrap my head around all four huge stories at once," she told Sci Fi Wire. "It was too informative. [Bella] wasn't supposed to know those things, so I didn't want to know them." We just hate it when things are informative. [Sci Fi Wire]


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What? To huge? For books later all we know is that Stephanie Meyer likes men's torsos and is a bigger misogynist than St. Paul.

Bella Swan is a vapid hallow nothing. You could read all the books and learn nothing at all about her.


Dear god, one can only hope that what she really meant was "I couldn't bring myself to read that garbage" but was under contractual obligation to say nice things.