Twilight Heroin And Biting Fans: More WTF Twilight Stories

Last week we brought you the 30 Most Disturbing Twilight products, and since New Moon's release, the crazy just hasn't stopped pouring in. One man bit a Twi-hard, someone created a vibrating Edward doll — and there is Twilight-themed heroin.


Heroin For Teens!

TMZ has a picture of Twilight Heroin baggies taken from West Hempstead, Long Island. Apparently they've been getting more popular these last few months.


Random Bitings

An ABC affiliate is reporting that a 17-year-old girl was bitten by a man after getting harassed in a New Moon screening.

The victim was watching the teen vampire romance movie with another friend when she says a man behind them started making sexual comments to them. After the movie was over, the man allegedly bit the girl on the neck. The bite did not break the girl's skin.




Vibrating Edward

And finally this super fan from Pillow Biters made a plastic pocket size vibrating Edward doll, and then had the actor who plays Jasper autograph it. Come on — you could of at least taped Jasper's face to it!


And thanks to New for pointing out that you can make Edward and Jacob kiss in the new EW magazine spread.

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