Twenty Common Sex Myths, Debunked

Dr. Aaron Carroll – author of the fantastic guide to sex-debunkery, Don't Put That in Therestopped by Mental Floss to guest-host an episode dedicated to deflating common myths and misconceptions about sex.

Lots of great stuff in this episode, including a few subjects we've covered in greater detail in the past, like the subjectivity of penis size , whether or not sex counts as exercise , premature ejaculation , and the various reasons that HPV vaccination is a really , really great idea.


Complement with 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Love and Sex .


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Platypus Man

Gizmodo posted this yesterday, so I figured I'd help avoid the "I hate video post" comments. If any of these sound interesting, watch the video. Note that these are described as "debunked myths," but the items in the list are the truth, not the myth.

1. Penis size and shoe size aren't correlated

2. The average penis size isn't seven inches

3. Wearing a condom won't make you last longer

4. You can't build up a much bigger load

5. Men don't want blondes more than brunettes

6. Most women aren't going hairless

7. Bigger breasts are not less sensitive

8. Sex is not great exercise

9. Women cheat about as much as men

10. Men don't peak sexually long before women

11. Young men aren't more likely to ejaculate prematurely

12. Men don't think about sex every seven seconds

13. Lots of married people masturbate

14. Dead males cannot develop erections

15. Males AND females have wet dreams

16. Masturbating won't make you go blind

17. The pill doesn't cause weight gain

18. You cannot influence child gender

19. Get the HPV vaccine long before having sex

20. The HPV vaccine doesn't encourage sex