Danger 5, the Australian spy comedy series, is so weird that it's kind of hard to describe. It's like a long disjointed dream sequence, in which superspies fight Nazi dinosaurs, and when someone dies, they recite a drink recipe. And season two is way, way more bizarre — just see our exclusive sneak peek!

Danger 5 returns to Australian channel SBS on Sunday, January 4, for its long-awaited second season. The show's airing has been delayed for a while due to concerns about parallels between an event on the show and the real-life actions of terrorist group ISIS. But now at last, we're getting to see more of this completely bonkers show that mashes up classic science-fiction action movies with war dramas, James Bond movies, and a host of other genres.


The first season has a 1960s spy-movie feel to it — but the second season jumps ahead to the 1980s, and goes completely bonkers with pretty much every weird 80s reference ever.

We've seen the first few episodes of season two, and while we can't give anything away, suffice to say that it's jaw-droppingly crazoid. The sheer number of weird ideas packed into each 25 minute episode is just bonkers. The move to the 1980s lets the show include ninja tropes, video-game tropes, crazy music-video imagery, piles of cocaine, floppy disks, VHS tapes, cassingles and a billion other things that are screamingly funny when put into a context that includes Nazi lizard-men and weird slimy monsters.


Probably the best of the three episodes we watched was the second, "Johnny Hitler," which is a nonsensical spoof of 1980s high-school movies in which Hitler goes back to school and becomes the most popular kid. Well, almost. It's genuinely nuts and kind of impressive in its dedication to randomness. On the minus side, there's a bit too much female body-horror for our taste in these episodes, and a little too much of the most grotesque moments involve women's bodies being messed with.

But even in a world that includes things like South Park and Archer, Danger 5 is in a class by itself in terms of strangeness. If you're lucky enough to be in Australia this Sunday, you absolutely owe it to yourself to drop everything and watch the long-awaited return of this show. And for audiences everywhere else, let's hope it gets imported soon.


UPDATE: As various people have pointed out, season one is on Hulu already.

Here's a longer peek at season two, that's been on Youtube for a while:

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