The biggest thing happening on TV this week is, of course, the return of Smallville. Or maybe not. Actually, it's the first new episode of Lost in 10,000 months, answering all the questions the bizarre season three finale left hanging. But there's also plenty of other great stuff on TV this week. Click through for listings.

Tonight, there's a new Kyle XY at 9 (instead of 8 as usual.) Kyle has girl trouble when Amanda comes home, plus (shockingly) Jessi XX is still being a big jerk. That's on ABC Family.


And there's a rerun of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles at 8 (not 9 as usual.) There's also the State of the Union address, which may have some elements of science fiction.

Tuesday at 8, there's a new Nova. (But your local PBS listings may vary.) It examines the secrets of the Parthenon in Greece, which probably won't include it having been built by aliens.

Wednesday at 9, there's an "enhanced" version of the Lost season three finale on ABC. From what I can gather, it's the same episode, only with text running along the bottom of the screen letting you know facts about the show. It may also help you spot clues you missed earlier.

Also, Moviemax is showing the awesome Slither, starring Nathan Fillion. And the History Channel has a rerun of UFO Files and a couple of MonsterQuest reruns.


Thursday is the return of Lost, and the answers to the questions left hanging at the end of season three... which will inevitably lead to more questions. It's a Chinese puzzle box thing. First, at 8 PM, there's a Lost clip show, basically recapping the first three seasons. Just in case there's someone out there who's never seen Lost but wants to try it — but only if he/she can be brought up to speed in an hour. And then the actual season premier is at 9. Here's what the official TV listing wants you to know about this episode: "The castaways await rescue by the people with whom they have made contact, but are troubled by Charlie's warning about them."

Meanwhile at 8, there's that new Smallville episode. Bizarro is still pretending to be Clark, but not everybody is fooled. And Grant reveals he's a clone of Julian.


Friday at 8, Flash Gordon has the first part of its two-part season finale, "Revolution part 1." There's a prophecy about a guy who can save Mongo. Could it be Flash? Or maybe it's actually Princess Aura, and the people who wrote down the prophecy were sexist tools. Ooh, and the Deviates are finally making their move. And maybe Flash finds his dad?

And then at 9, there's a new Stargate: Atlantis. Sheppard finds out his dad has died and goes back to Earth for the funeral. But there's Replicator trouble back on Earth.


Saturday at 9, there's a new Torchwood on BBC America. (Here's our recap.) Without giving away too much, it's a cleverly disguised metaphor for terrorism, which asks how far we're willing to go to get the truth out of a prisoner. It also asks the crucial question: Why doesn't anybody think Owen is sexy any more?


Sunday's a wasteland, except for a new Weaponology on the Military Channel at 10.

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