TV This Week: The Return Of Jericho — And KITT!

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The most exciting thing on television this week is either a Mustang with the voice of Val Kilmer, or a small town in Kansas recovering from a nuclear holocaust. Whether you're more thrilled about the Knight Rider TV movie or the return of Jericho probably reveals something very deep about you, but we'll let you decide what. Other reasons to set your DVR or VCR this week include some crazy supernova action, and new Sarah Connor, Lost and Smallville episodes. Click through for listings, with tons of clips.


Monday there's a new Kyle XY on ABC Family at 8. Amanda asks Kyle to stay away from her, while Adam orders Kyle to stay close to Jessi. What is it with Amanda anyway? First she totally gets him in trouble by sneaking home and sleeping in his tub, then she's all like, "Don't talk to me." She should really go back to New York. Oh, and here's a scene from the episode, involving exciting smoothie action:

And then there's a new Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. That guy from 92010 is around, and he's from the future but has some trouble remembering stuff. And that annoying cellphone store guy? The one with the chess-playing computer? He's around, and there's some computer-chess action. Here's the preview we showed you the other day:


Also, TMC has back-to-back Aeon Flux and Star Trek: Insurrection, starting at 8.

Tuesday sees the return of Jericho at 10 PM on CBS. When season one ended, the townspeople were just about to square off with the evil town of New Bern in a battle to the death. As season two begins, the hostilities with New Bern are settled, but not everybody is willing to let them drop. Here's a trailer:

Also on Tuesday at 9, the History Channel has a new episode of The Universe, all about supernovas. A supernova can release as much energy as our sun would emit over 10 billion years, creating destruction on a galactic scale. The show includes sexy computer graphics of supernovas, plus interviews with people who chase supernovas for a living. Also, Nova has a new episode on "Astrospies." Check your PBS listings for time.

Finally, if you don't already have the DVDs, FX has the original X-Men movie at 8, and Cinemax has X-Men: The Last Stand at 6:30. AMC has Species at 6, and Encore has Mystery Men at 8.


Wednesday, you can relive the awesomeness of Jean-Claude Van Damme. Encore has Universal Soldier at 6:15, and Cinemax has Universal Soldier: The Return at 6:30.

Thursday sees a new Smallville episode. Lex finally tracks down Kara, but he may have bought more trouble than he can afford. If that makes sense. Here's an unfinished scene from the episode:


And then at 9 on ABC, there's a new Lost episode, centered on the awesome Sayid. Just how far is Sayid willing to go to escape the island? Here are a couple of clips from the episode:

As for movies, FX has back-to-back The One and Batman Begins, starting at 6.

Friday at 10, there's a new Stargate:Atlantis on Sci Fi. Teal'c comes to Atlantis to counsel Ronon. But then word arrives that the Wraith have discovered the fully operational Midway Space Station. Here's a clip:


On Friday at 10, TMC has Deep Impact, the less-crappy space disaster movie from 1998.

Saturday sees a new episode of Torchwood, "Meat." Some unscrupulous humans are putting an alien visitor to Earth to an ingenious, and disgusting use that has nothing to do with sex. And Rhys learns what Gwen really does for a living. You can read our recap of the episode here.


And at 8 PM, Encore has Independence Day. Remember when Will Smith went around kicking aliens' butts? That was cool.


Sunday sees the return of Knight Rider in a TV movie that execs are hoping will be a "backdoor pilot." (And many of us are hoping that backdoor will actually lead to a scary little basement, where a nasty man with a knife will be waiting and nobody will ever find the body.) So KITT's back, but he's a Mustang, and Val Kilmer is doing the voice. And there's a secret organization dedicated to building really great cars and fighting evil dudes. It's sort of like Bionic Woman, only with a car instead of bionic limbs. Its on NBC at 9 PM. Here's a clip:

Also, AMC has Terminator 2 at 7 PM and the Cartoon Network has Zathura at 8.


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Charlie Jane Anders

@braak: Kyle XY definitely talks... and has monologues about how he doesn't understand people, and how he wants to do the right thing, and how much his family means to him. Actually it's not as bad as I'm making it sound.