Turns Out, They Speak a Lot of Languages in Star Wars

Oh, my.
Oh, my.
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

C-3PO knows over six million forms of communication, but how many does he actually need to get by? In the on-screen Star Wars universe, it’s actually more than you might think.


[Editor’s Note: Yes, we already blogged this video. You’ve heard of Clone troopers, allow us to introduce you to Clone blogs! Har har. Seriously though, mistakes happen and we regret the error. -Jill P.]

In a new video from the delightfully trivia-dense YouTube channel Star Wars Kids, there’s a rundown of every language spoken on-screen in the ten (is it ten? I think it’s ten) Star Wars movies that have presently been released. And, honestly, it’s more than I thought! Since so much of the alien languages are there for more flavor than communication, I tend to forget just how much alien stuff is in there. These movies are dense with imaginary languages, from Shyriiwook to whatever “Maclunkey” is (Huttese, probably).

The video also includes some information that I didn’t know and find very interesting, like the fact that the Death Troopers in Rogue One are communicating using some sort of encrypted communication system, explaining why they sound like barking modems.

What’s your favorite cameo Star Wars language? Omnisignal unicode is a good one. Droids know that good good talkin’.

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