​Turns out The Wolverine movie was better than you knew

Were you a touch disappointed by the The Wolverine? Don't be. At least not yet, because it turns there a lot more of the movie than you got to see. By all accounts, the Extended Edition is much, much better — and you can finally see it tomorrow.

The Wolverine: Extended Edition


Wolverine goes to Japan and gets his healing powers jacked. Okay, so the Extended cut is apparently 12 minutes longer than the theatrical version, and besides filling in a few things, it has CG blood for all the many, many slices Wolverine makes with his claws and his sword, which would improve the movie on its own by about 40%. I've linked to the version that gives you both the theatrical and extended cuts on Blu-ray.

X-Men: The Adamantium Collection

Or you could get this big-ass box set containing all three original X-Men movies, both Wolverine movies, X-Men: First Class, a bonus disc with a new documentary on the movie franchise, with special Wolverine claw packaging. It even has an extra slot that you can put your inevitable copy of Days of Future Past in.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones


Was this movie in theaters like three weeks ago? A teenager learns she's a half-angel demon hunter, which is cool because many of the other half-angel demon hunters she meets are young male models.

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – Season Three


With Optimus Prime damaged, the Autobots face their biggest crisis when Shockwave brings the resurrected Predaking to earth in the series' conclusion.

Saturn 3


This odd scifi flick stars Kirk Douglas and Farrah Fawcett, living on a research lab on Staurn and having sex, whose idyll is disturbed when crazy Harvey Keitel and his even crazier robot come to "help."

Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited 9-11


The final three Doctors get their documentaries along with two of their best episodes each, laden with commentaries, introductions by Steven Moffat, and more.

Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United


The Science Bros. team up to fight the energy being Zzzax in this new, direct-to-home video CG movie.

Girls Und Panzer: TV Collection


Japanese high school girls go to tank school in one if the most anime-ish anime series I've even heard of.

Batman: The Brave and the Cold: Complete First Season


The gloriously insane, Ailver Age-inspired adventures of Batman and a wide variety of his Super Friends comes to Blu-ray!

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