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Behold the Robot Overlords trailer starring Gillian Anderson and Ben Kingsley. Wait, what?


This is the first we have heard about the movie Robot Overlords, but we're certainly going to give our attention to any scifi trailer that is so literally named.

The premise is simple: Space robots come down and take over the Earth and become our... Robot Overlords. Enter some kid who is also "the one." Real talk, some of this trailer (namely the FX work) looks great. Some of it looks, well, not so great. But it's still just a trailer, so let's not judge too much too soon. Then again, here is a poster that looks like Transformers meets War of the Worlds, and not in a great way.

Illustration for article titled Turns Out The iRobot Overlords/i Movie Is Aptly Titled

No US release date yet, but there will be a UK release on March 19th.

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