Turns out Sonic Screwdriver beats Lightsaber

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This is our new favorite piece of fan-art ever. The Doctor faces off against Darth Vader, and uses his sonic screwdriver to go all "cortosis blade" on Vader's lightsaber. Now we want to know if psychic paper is more powerful than the Jedi mind trick. Kudos to artist K.K. Jordan for capturing the look of both universes so well. [K.K. Jordan via Bonniegrrl]


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Erik Sofge

The real question, I think, is whether the two-episode confrontation between the Doctor and the Empire would be decided by one or more characters somehow squeezing their eyes shut and harnessing the power, like the raw, quintessential, glowy power of love, to thereby dial back reality/time/space and erase everything bad that happened in both episodes and magically bring about a fabulously happy ending? And will the Doctor alone remember those tragedies—the Ewok Cyberman who died heroically bolo-ing his own kind, the bloodbath at Chewie's wedding, something involving Daleks—and gaze into memory's cruel distance, a silent dirge for a stillborn timeline, before throwing the switch? I would hope so.