Turns Out Marvel's Most Wanted Wasn't Wanted at All

Illustration for article titled Turns Out iMarvels Most Wanted/i Wasnt Wanted at All

ABC has said no to the Mockingbird-and-Hunter-themed Agents of SHIELD spin-off Marvel’s Most Wanted. It’s another casualty of the brutal upfronts announcement overnight that saw the network cut a swathe through their current shows—including io9 favorites Galavant (which will live on, likely on stage), and perhaps most tragically, the loss of Agent Carter.


It’s been a rough journey for Most Wanted. So what’s next for Bobbi and Lance? Well, Most Wanted could always try again—after all, this was its second push at getting done. But that might be a tough sell considering ABC has cooled on the project not just once, but twice. And considering the way the characters exited Agents of SHIELD, there’d have to be some interesting twists to bring them back into the fold. Maybe Mockingbird’s stun sticks have been put back in their case for good.

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Beyond annoyed they took two of the best characters off AoS to do NOTHING with them.

I expect a surprise mid-season return from them next year.

EDIT: They can also wrap up Agent Carter with a flashback heavy two-parter or something.