Turns Out Jena Malone's Batman v Superman Role Didn't Need All That Secrecy

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For ages, Jena Malone’s role in Batman v Superman has been the source of fevered rumors and speculation. Most, including ourselves, had pinned her down as Barbara Gordon, the alter-ego of Batgirl. Turns out that not only were we wrong, Malone’s character is an even more obscure comics reference than anyone could’ve guessed.


Yesterday a video uploaded to Youtube (and since hastily removed) purporting to show the end credits for the upcoming Ultimate Edition R-Rated cut revealed that Malone isn’t in fact Barbara Gordon, but actually playing... Jenet Klyburn.

Klyburn as she appears in Who’s Who: Update ‘88 #4
Klyburn as she appears in Who’s Who: Update ‘88 #4

Who, you ask? Klyburn is an extremely minor character who bounced between appearances in Superman, Action Comics, Teen Titans and more ‘70s and ‘80s as a lead scientist at STAR Labs. Given STAR Labs made a brief appearance in Batman v Superman, and Klyburn occasionally worked with Superman in the comics, it’s a weirdly obscure character to bring to life but one that makes enough sense to be real. (What doesn’t make sense is why anyone involved in Batman v Superman thought this character was a secret worth keeping for the past two years.)

For the record, the very brief moment we see of Malone in the Ultimate Edition trailer does seem to be set in some sort of lab, lending credence to the credit. At least the long saga of just who the hell she’s playing in the DC Cinematic Universe might finally be over, thank goodness.


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Well, if she was any more well-known, they would have shot her character in the face.