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Check out the first trailer for Suburban Gothic, a new indie movie featuring Matthew Gray Gubler as a guy who has the power to see ghosts and shit. And he tries to train a surly barmaid (Kat Dennings) in the art of ghost-hunting. In the suburbs.


In Suburban Gothic, Raymond's high-powered MBA doesn't save him from having to move back in with his parents (Ray Wise and Barbara Niven). The best moments in this trailer pretty much involve blowjob jokes, and we're okay with that: First Ray Wise has a stern warning for his son, and then Kat Dennings badly miscalculates John Waters' cocksucking preferences. Not featured in this trailer: Jeffrey Combs, who plays Dr. Carpenter.

We called director Richard Bates Jr.'s first movie Excision "a near-masterpiece," and after this trailer we have pretty high hopes for this to be a lot of fun, at the very least. Suburban Gothic premieres at the Fantasia Film Festival this weekend.


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