Turns Out Black Cat Is One Hell of a Troll

Felicia Hardy, Marvel’s Black Cat, in Spectacular Spider-Man #300.
Image: Goran Parlov and Giada Marchisio (Marvel Comics)

DC Comics’ Catwoman has been in the news lately thanks to her glitzy engagement to the Dark Knight. But when it comes to cat-themed super-thieves, who’s going to question Felicia Hardy herself stealing the spotlight for a knowing wink at Gotham City’s newest power couple?


Last week’s Spectacular Spider-Man #300 continued the ongoing insanity of Peter Parker’s battle with the Tinkerer, but the celebratory issue also included a brief backup story that revolved around Spidey’s past with the Black Cat. The Canary, by Chip Zdarsky, Goran Parlov, and Giada Marchisio is a short affair and concerns Felicia finding herself down on her cash reserves in the wake of Kingpin’s dominance over New York City as its latest mayor. When examining a few of her trinkets to potentially pawn off, she happens upon a small cubic zirconia-studded ring that flashes her back to the memory of a rooftop chase with Spider-Man.

The ring, dubbed the Canary “Diamond,” is something Felicia stole years ago and is virtually worthless outside of a historical context. Spidey’s more baffled as to why Felicia wants to steal it than he is concerned about her thievery. Which is when a suddenly flustered Felicia, pondering their tumultuous romantic past, turns around to face him and, well...

A Cat proposes to a Spider...
Image: Goran Parlov and Giada Marchisio (Marvel Comics)

Does that splash page look familiar to you?

... and a Bat proposes to a Cat in Batman #24.
Image: Danny Miki, David Finch, and Jordie Bellaire (DC Comics)

Very cheeky.

But before you start celebrating the happy super-couple, turns out Felicia was just distracting poor Pete and uses the moment to make her escape:

Pity poor Peter Parker.
Image: Goran Parlov and Giada Marchisio (Marvel Comics)

So there’s no wedding bells for the Spider and the Cat, just a playful jab at another comics couple, and a hapless Spider-Dude who just can’t catch a break.

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