Turns Out Beastie Boys Goes Much Better With Rogue One Than With Star Trek

Remember when the Internet was aghast at the first Star Trek Beyond trailer, soundtracked with the Beastie Boys hit “Sabotage”? It might not have fit well with many people’s idea of boldly going (and thankfully the film was much more traditionally Trekky than that trailer), but it turns out it really works for Star Wars.


YouTuber Matthew Longua spliced together bits of the Star Wars Celebration behind-the-scenes reel and both Rogue One trailers with the Beastie Boys as a backing track and it’s surprising just how much it works for this movie. We might be used to the sweeping orchestral score and familiar themes of John Williams’ Star Wars soundtrack, but having such a radically different score for a movie that it’s trying to put a fresh spin on classic Star Wars in terms of tone and visuals already is really effective. It’s befitting of our “reckless, aggressive, and undisciplined” hero Jyn Erso, at least.

Also: the clever mix of the Imperial klaxxon from the first trailer with the wailing guitar is brilliant editing. People might freak out even more than they did for Beyond if this was a real Rogue One trailer, but I love it.

[Uproxx via Entertainment Weekly]

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I disagree completly. It doesn’t fit at all in Star Wars. Because Star Wars is set a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. There is no Earth to produce the Beastie Boys. It destroys the world-building.

And you know. I thought it was perfectly used in Beyond - it was both super cheesy and brillant puzzle solving, which is what the best Trek has always been IMO.