Turn Your Living Room Into The Galactica's CIC

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You may not be able to have the Cylon Six in your apartment, but at least you can own her slinky red dress. As we mentioned a while back, a ton of props from Battlestar Galactica will be auctioned off when the final episodes start airing in January. And now some more details about the auctions have come out, including exactly how close you can come to recreating the CIC in your garage. The auction, organized by NBC/Universal and Propworx, will take place on January 17 and 18 in Pasadena, and will include a ton of costumes including Starbuck's flight suit. It'll also include production sketches and set plans, an original Viper helmet, President Roslin's desk, Admiral Adama's uniform and his painting of the first Cylon War, some consoles from the CIC AND the actual Arrow of Apollo, which Starbuck retrieved from Caprica. Meanwhile, there'll also be an online auction after each of the remaining BSG episodes, auctioning off props and costumes from that particular episode. Some of the proceeds from the auctions will go to the United Way. [Wired]


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It really is a shame that Trish and Katie don't come with the outfits.