Turn Around, Starbuck! You're Running The Wrong Way!

Why is Starbuck running toward a dangerous conflagration, in this clip released by the Sci Fi Channel? The answer ties in with another new BSG clue — and could be spoilery.

Chances are, the "fire" that causes the evacuation is tied in with a mutiny, led by Tom Zarek. (Some of the recent trailers and clips have already suggested this pretty strongly.) Note that the crewman who's in charge of the evacuation from the fire is a former pilot from the Pegasus, not the Galactica, and he's pretty hostile towards Starbuck's ambiguously non-human ass.

Another new "clue" at Sci Fi's You Will Know The Truth site is an audio clip, which includes a voice (Zarek, I think) talking about an uprising: "Every revolution begins when one small act occurs. But I hope you understand how serious this is..." and then it fades out. Other voices include someone saying "Our little secret," Sharon saying, "Or anyone else," and Gaeta saying, "So I guess a pity frak is out of the question then?" And then a dozen church bells ringing.


A third clue is just a clip (from "Guess What's Coming To Dinner") showing Adama, Roslin, Helo and Tigh talking about double-crossing the rebel Cylons by holding onto the final five until they reach Earth. Not sure what added significance this clip is supposed to have now, except that it maybe shows the seeds of betrayal and stuff. Tigh's face looks especially wiggy in that clip. [YouWillKnowTheTruth via Galactica Variants]

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