Turkish network STV tends to air religious programming, and it's not uncommon to see a character land themselves in Hell. But during one episode, the special effects team neglected to add fake fire to their Hell, leaving behind a lot of blue screen.


Reddit user HabibAllah (who shared the video on reddit) explains what is going on in the scene:

We see a man pleading for help from his son crying "please help me son, I've been a fool. It hurts" and something like this. One may claim that he is not asking for help because he is in hell but he wants to get out of this shitty production and act in a more serious TV show like Teletubbies or Lazy Town. And the son is like "yeah I'll save you, hang on, whatever".

Then we see the imam is holding the son's hand and thanks to the holy force powers he have, he is able to show that man that his father is burning in hell. Also that smile is creepy. At the same time we hear a deep voice explaining the situation here for us confused audience, "if you don't cleanse from your sins your father will be tormented and shit". Yeah, I'm serious. Looks like the son is Jesus of that family or something like that.

And finally the son wakes up from his dream or nightmare depending on how you look. Looks like whole thing was not real.

But... are we so sure about that?

Well, we're sure about that, but only because we saw the blue screen and the fellows dressed in green.


From a Turkish TV series. They forgot to put special effects in a scene. [reddit via UPROXX]

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