Here's the Turkish version of Star Trek, which attempts to copy a large chunk of the "Man Trap" episode almost word for word. Click through for more, plus Turkish E.T. and Turkish Superman.

We paid homage to Turkish Star Wars the other day in our post about remakes, and people brought up the topic of these other fine Turkish remakes of classics. As we mentioned, Turkish censors often kept foreign films out, necessitating home-brewed versions of them. (So really instead of "Sweding," the guys in Be Kind Rewind should have talked about "Turking.")


Unlike Star Wars, which was a straight ripoff of the original, Turkish Trek is actually an installment in the Omer The Tourist series, where a plain-spoken guy named Omer wanders into bizarre scrapes. Here, Omer wanders into a Trek episode and gets accused of being the salt-vampire killer. (The sequences featuring Omer are somehow not as amusing as the straight-up reconstructions of Trek without him.) You can watch the whole 1973 movie, including stock footage of the Enterprise lifted from the TV series, here.

And here's a clip from Badi, aka Turkish E.T., that's been making the rounds:


and here's Turkish Superman. (Thanks to Viper Pilot):

The whole thing of Turkish Superman is here.

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