Trying to Sleep in a City Can Sometimes Be ... Disturbing

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Your room is in a maze of other rooms, and your building is nested inside other buildings. Sand from the desert is building up inside, or is it sugar from the dessert? It's pouring and roaring, and the walls are multiplying and dividing and HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY SLEEP?


This beautifully paranoid, delightfully intricate portrait of what the city sometimes feels like is by Canadian artist Mathew Borret. It's part of his "Room Series." Check out more of his work on his site.

[via Colossal]

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Interesting. I've never felt even remotely this way, or had such dreams.

I grew up in Chelsea in Manhattan. The sirens, screams and sounds from outside my window always felt like they were already inside me, part of me, not like they were pouring in. The walls and streets and rows of windows felt like the cells in a body I was part of, not like a maze or advancing armies. I always felt like the city was an exoskeleton I slipped into when I went out the door, an armature I could manipulate.

The times I feel a problem with the world outside of me when is I'm in the suburbs or the country. Then I can feel emptiness stretching out around me, darkness threatening me, and the lack of human energy draining me. I guess it takes all kinds.