Try Out the Wildly Hard DragonCon Star Wars Trivia Qualifying Quiz

When it comes to my Star Wars trivia level, I’m at about a Jar Jar.
When it comes to my Star Wars trivia level, I’m at about a Jar Jar.
Image: Disney

Are you sure you know what droids you’re looking for?

DragonCon, which is, like all cons, not happening in person this year, is known for having a challenging and competitive Star Wars trivia competition. And to get into that competition, you have to take a qualifying test that is notoriously hard. This year, that test exists online, so you can try your hand at being a Jedi (Trivia) Master. According to the user who shared the quiz, the average score is around 23/50... and that’s with multiple choice. Dang.


The only rule here is that if it’s canon, it can be on the quiz. Your knowledge of Mara Jade’s Teras Kasi skills won’t help you here, nerds. It didn’t help me much, either: I got 20, just shy of the average.


If you’re interested in Star Wars trivia, you can watch the competition live at 2pm EST today, on the Star Wars Explained YouTube channel, where the trivia masters will strut their star stuff. I, naturally, will not be among them.

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Joe Wright

24/50. I’ve never watched the cartoons or had any interest outside the timeframe of the originals, so I’m pretty impressed with myself! I shouldn’t be though, because I absolutely guessed most of them.