Last week, we introduced forums on io9. They were pretty buggy, but we've unleashed a bunch of Jedi knights who killed the bugs. Now we've got some functioning forums for you to try. Or make your own!


How do you post to forums? Easy! Just visit the forum, and either respond to comments that are already there, or start a new thread by typing into the "share" box at the top of the page.

There are a couple of forums we've created for you to play around with. The first one, called Let's Go to the Movies, was my idea because I can never find people who want to go see horror movies with me. This is a forum just for finding local io9ers to come out to the movies with you. If you hop over to the forum, you can post about movies you want to see in your local area - and see if anybody else wants to come along!

Another pre-made forum is our Calendar forum, which you can post to right from the top of the front page. Post here about upcoming scifi and science-related events in your area that you think io9ers would like to know about. UFO festival? Horror movie retrospective? Science fiction convention or author reading? All of these are great things to post about.


Want to create forums? Here are some technical details.

First of all, you may have already figured out that forums are based on tags. So if you see a post that contains the tag #heroes, for example, there is already going to be a forum at You can go there, see posts related to that tag, and start chatting in the forum.

Starred commenters can also create forums. Say you want to start a forum related to a convention in your local area - let's call it GoofyCon. Go to You'll see something that says "We can't find any comments with those tags." That means you're the first to comment. Make a post about GoofyCon in the "share" box, and it will appear on the page (you may have to hit reload). Now you've got a forum called #goofycon.


If you've got more questions about our comment system, you can always read our FAQ.