Try Not to Think Too Much About This Weird and Wonderful Samurai Captain America Figure

Shouldn’t he be like... Captain Japan? Naming conventions aside, the latest in Bandai’s line of Feudal Japanese takes on Western heroes might just be its best figure yet.


Revealed at Tamashii Nations 2016, the Movie Realization Captain America joins Spider-Man and Iron Man as a Samurai-ified take on Marvel’s sentinel of liberty. Unlike Spidey and Iron Man, Captain America doesn’t wear a full mask, but even then Bandai did a pretty awesome job of re-imagining the character’s head as a full on Samurai helmet—a fearsome painted faceguard, complete with an ornamental ‘A’ on the helmet. And look at those wings! The best Captain America costumes are the ones that keep the wings intact (sorry, MCU Cap), but this just takes it to another level.

There’s tons of awesome little details on this figure—whether it’s the armor replicating Cap’s traditional chainmail look, or the wonderfully intricate take on his shield. Samurai Cap might look a little plainer than Spidey and Iron Man, but it’s a simplicity that really works.

There’s no detail yet on when you can expect Samurai Captain America to be out—but you can expecting to cost around the $95 Iron Man and Spider-Man cost whenever he does.


[Tag Hobby via CBR]

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