Please take this with an iceberg-sized grain of salt: The Mirror claims that Hayley Atwell has signed the lead role and is moving to Los Angeles to film that rumored Agent Carter TV series to premiere later this year. As much as I would love this to be true, I'm pretty sure it isn't.

See, The Mirror says that Atwell is moving to L.A. for six full months to film an entire season of the show, which is where my doubt begins. Marvel isn't going to make an entire season of a TV series before finding a channel to put it on; they'd make a pilot first, and that really doesn't require a six-month commitment. Furthermore, studios don't make shows like this on the sly ā€” given the number of people involved in making virtually any modern TV series, they couldn't if they wanted to. The announcement of an Agent Carter series should make the trades well before Hayley Atwell would need to pack up her UHaul boxes.


But say the show is automatically going to ABC, so it's already found a home, and say The Mirror has somehow gotten the scoop before Hollywood. The biggest problem is Agents of SHIELD isn't doing so hot, so I don't know why ABC would want a show starring a lesser-known Marvel movie-verse character right now.I could easily see the show going somewhere like Netflix, but Marvel has already announced four TV series that aren't even due until 2015. So again, I don't know how or why Marvel would be trying to sneak an Agent Carter series in 2014 without some kind of announcement first.

Maybe The Mirror has their finger on the pulse of this single theoretical TV series, and we're going to get an official announcement in the new few days. Maybe Disney told ABC they're going to show as many Marvel series as Disney wants them to, ratings be damned. I'll be delighted to be wrong here. But as the moment, I don't think I am.