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Try as she might, 2-year-old Kayla just can't reach the moon

Poor Kayla. No matter how hard she tries the moon just sits there — tauntingly — just beyond her reach. It's a daily ritual that her father decided to finally capture on video, much to our benefit.


This video, which was published to YouTube on Friday, has already attracted close to a half-million hits, and it's not difficult to see why. Kayla's moon obsession — and frustration — is an endearing reminder of our own childhood.

Writing on Reddit, Kayla's dad says the two of them "go through this routine every single day."

She will go on and on about the moon and not being able to get it whether I ask or not. I usually just 'okay' her until she stops. But this time I played around with her a bit. She enjoys it. She's 2.


The video prompted Redditor QuauSi801, who works at NASA, to extend an invitation to the pair to come visit their facilities in California.

Goodbye, Moon!

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George Dvorsky

When I was very young, we were in the car returning from KFC (what we called Kentucky Fried Chicken back then), when I asked my parents, "Why is the Moon following us?" To which my mother replied, "Because it smells the chicken." Seemed legit.