Trunks and Freeza Get a Rematch in This Elaborate Stop-Motion Fan Work

Trunks, ready to rumble.
Trunks, ready to rumble.
Image: Funimation/Toei Animation

The moment when Trunks swoops in to take out Freeza is one of my favorite moments in all of Dragon Ball. That matchup is classic, and thrilling, and sudden in a way that I’ll never forget.


This stop-motion animation, the second part in a series created by YouTube creator KTZ THOMAS, is an homage to that fight, crafting a thrilling and surprisingly elaborate DBZ fight using action figures, some light effects, and a lot of time. The first half of the video is a sparring match between Goku and Vegeta, but once Trunks and Freeza show up, it really heats up.

My only complaint is that Trunks doesn’t cut Freeza in half in this one. Yeah, I get that’s hard with action figures. But. Still.

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