True Blood "Vase-Or-Bloodsucker" Poster

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There are only a few months left until we get our religion-infused dose of vampire sexin' with True Blood again. But already the marketing onslaught has begun; check out the vampy take on the vase-or-face.

Illustration for article titled True Blood "Vase-Or-Bloodsucker" Poster

Bless you, True Blood, can't wait for the Fellowship Of The Sun fliers start filling the streets.

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i am sure after a couple more hours I'll see it, but my brain is frozen and i can't see the red image.


on a vampire note and since there's no where else to comment on a several month old movie, i just saw 'Let the Right One In" over the weekend, and that is one of the creepiest vampire movies I've ever seen, and one of the only ones that left me thinking about the implications and future relationship of the characters after the movie ended.