True Blood trailer gets political and naked. Mostly naked

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Oh lordy, looks like True Blood is gettin' political again.

The latest two trailers for True Blood showcase new character Governor Burrell's mission to "bite back," by screaming GUNS GUNS GUNS GUNS GUNS. We love it when True Blood starts talking politics. The subtle and nuanced plot lines, into which the show weaves passionate takes on issues of the day, flow through their episodes like a beautiful poem, in which a giant mallet is taken to a watermelon with the words "GUN CONTROL" painted on the side. Can't. Wait.

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Alex Cranz

I thought the show picked up and found a really nice focus in the last three or four episodes of the last season. I know it's a big mistake but I'm still hoping that focus carries through to the first Alan Ball-less season of the show.

Also I'm hoping for lots of banging and naked people and more of that blood-soaked naked Billith from the trailer.