True Blood Gets Two New Hot Blood Donors

True Blood has found a new Merlotte's waitress, and cast the role of a Jesus juice drinking vampire hating wife of the Fellowship Of The Sun's preacher man for season two.

Anna Camp will be joining the True Blood gang as a series regular. She will be playing Sarah, the wife of Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) from the Fellowship of the Sun (the anti vampire religious sect).


Here is a shot of Sarah's very lucky husband Steve Newlin damning vampires and the likes. You may remember his passionate TV preachings and fiery pulpit speeches. I'm all for the inclusion of more religious cult-like plot lines in the second season. Make it happen, Ball, please!

Anna is currently spending her time hooking naked Daniel Radcliffe up with horses over at Equus on Broadway.

According to a casting call Sarah is:

Late 20s - bright, pretty, cheerful wife of Fellowship of the Sun head Minister Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian), Sarah is an example of the new “hip” evangelical movement, hates vampires with a passion, deeply believes in her mission, her marriage, her country and her church. very feminine, but down-to-earth, also with a healthy appetite for life’s many pleasures… as she sees it, it’s all part of God’s gift to us. No actual nudity, but implied...


The new Merlotte's waitress is Bold and the Beautiful's Ashley Jones. She will play that part of Daphne, and we can already assume if she's hot enough to fill out a teeny tiny Merlotte's top she's most likely gettin' naked or gettin' dead. According to a casting call Daphne is:

Late 20s / early 30s - Daphne is sexy and down to earth, a real country girl, not the greatest waitress, but Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) couldn’t care less, once he gets to know her better. Common sense, no-nonsense, funny, definitely not neurotic. Nudity is preferable in this role…6 episode arc beginning with this episode.


Yay it sounds like Sam is finally going to get some steady lovin' and leave the crazy back and forth with Tara behind. Best of luck to you, ladies — this should be an amazing new season.

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