TruBlood Is Real Now

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Hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier HBOC-201 is, in a word (or two), artificial blood—it delivers oxygen to your squishy organs. And, unlike real blood, it can be stored for years and doesn't require matching blood types.


After years of working pretty well in clinical trials, it's now saved a life for the first the time—it just brought back a woman whose car wreck was so brutal it left just a liter of blood in her body, and whose religion prevented her from receiving a real blood transfusion.

The future is here, and it's synthetic blood and organs and tiny people grown in laboratories. Oh and maybe sexy, sexy vampires. []

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There is nothing unscientific about refusing a blood transfusion. The latest studies have shown that human blood is "dead" after it has been stored, and can no longer effectively carry oxygen. It is no more effective than saline solutions, and in fact carries with it more complications.

The fact that large corporations are researching replacements for blood transfusions shows there is an emerging market.

I would bet that without the huge lobbying power of the Red Cross, we would be much further along with this type of research.

Pretty soon blood transfusions will be considered the scientific equal of blood letting.