Troubling: Poltergeist Remake Is In 3D And "More Of A Kids' Movie"

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Good news: the Poltergeist remake probably won't be rated R, it's definitely going do be in 3D and it's being retold from the perspective of the kid. So actually, no, that's bad news. Bad news all around.


In an interview with Collider, Sam Rockwell (who is easily the greatest actor of our generation, please do not argue with me about this) spilled the beans on the Poltergeist remake, which we were NOT OK with, but got on board with when Rockwell was cast. Turns out the movie is in 3D. Oh, and:

"The 10-year-old boy is really the protagonist this time. JoBeth Williams was the protagonist for the most part in the first one and now the kid, it's really through his point-of-view. So it's more of a kids' movie so I don't know if it's gonna be like rated-R scary."



Pack it in, people. The weekend just started now.

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I guess I'm not sure what's wrong with this. Perhaps the shift to a male perspective is a huge loss, but the shift to a kids' movie isn't inherently bad.

First off, the original film would probably only get a PG-13 today. Even with some of its more graphic content it never really pushes Rated R thematically speaking. Second, imo the core of the original film was people trying to adjust to a new location and lifestyle that slowly and eventually violently rejects through supernatural means.

The specifics can change on how to express that core. The elder Freemans were ex-hippies grappling with the fact that they had become yuppie sellouts and wondering if their past decisions were actually a good idea. They eventually come to the conclusion that maybe not, but they did get positive things out of those decisions nonetheless.

Adjusted for today and from a kid's perspective can have all sorts of avenues to explore. None immediately spring to mind, but it's mostly because I haven't given much thought to writing something like it.

Here's what we know, Gil Kenan has directed two movies many find severely underappreciated, Sam Rockwell doesn't just star anything and carefully chooses projects he actually enjoys, they're releasing this in the middle of the summer while many blockbusters will be dominating the schedule. I'm not sure how much more you need to gain confidence in this movie.

Even if it fails to live up to the original in both theory and practice, nearly nothing above should be the reason to doubt.

Just my two cents though. I'm not an expert.