Trouble in Neo-Tokyo? The Akira Movie Could Be PG-13

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The live-action movie adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo's apocalyptic classic Akira could be a toned-down PG-13. But what we're really worried about is the alleged new script details. Spoilers ahead.


In an interview with The Kevin McCarthy and Josh Hylton Movie Show director Albert Hughes complained that Warner Brother's PG-13 restriction was a bit constraining. This is a big concerning, as Film School Rejects pointed out, but we all know a film doesn't have to be rated R to be bad-ass.

But combine Albert Hughes' discontent with his decision to do this project sans his brother Allen, plus the news that Akira is looking for a new writer, and we're starting to get a bit concerned about this project. Although we wound up feeling The Book Of Eli was better off left smudged, the duo have worked well together in the past.


Now Collider is reporting that the screenplay by Children of Men writers Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby's has been shelved been shelved in favor of a rewrite from Albert Torres, whose work we're not familiar with. Let's hope Albert can steer through this mess and find a quality Akira translation.

And finally, if the hypothetical Akira film ever gets off the ground and is a success, Albert doesn't want a sequel. Fine, focus on getting number one made and perfect. But in the Collider interview producer Andrew Lazar shared that they have two films planned based respectively on parts 1-3 and 4-6 in the manga. So who would direct the crucial second half?

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Keith Edwards

Is there really clamor for an Akira movie? I know 80's nostalgia is big right now but this one just baffles me. Akira was the true nerd litmus test back in the day. You knew you were in rarified company (you know, nerds only) if Akira came up as a topic and everyone int he room had seen it.

Also it was not very good. Pretty to look at, but next to incomprehensible.