Illustration for article titled Trouble in Bon Temps? emTrue Blood/em loses another showrunner

Just how much trouble is HBO's True Blood in? After Alan Ball stepped down as showrunner, Mark Hudis took control of the wacky town of Bon Temps and all its horny supernatural residents. But Hudis is calling it quits before he's even finished filming the new season.


According to The Hollywood Reporter Hudis is being replaced by long-time True Blood writer and producer Brian Buckner. All this swift re-shuffling has us a bit worried about the future of our vampire friends. How will this departure change the season — and could this show even get any more ridiculous? Last year we watched a vampire turn into a puddle and then a naked, blood covered vampire god reincarnate. But then again, every time we think True Blood has out-crazied itself, a fly transforms into a human while inside the mouth of a vampire.

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