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Tropics Expand and Stem Cells Repair Major Skull Damage

Illustration for article titled Tropics Expand and Stem Cells Repair Major Skull Damage
  • It's official: the Earth is getting more tropical. Global warming has expanded the tropical band around the center of the planet over the past two decades, and it looks like it will expand more over the next century. [Reuters]
  • Researchers repaired major skull damage in mice using human embryonic stem cells. They grew new bone on a special tissue-engineering edifice and popped it right into the mouse skulls. So stem cells are good for something, after all. [Science Daily] Why chimps are smarter than humans and dinosaurs had hooves after the jump.
  • Get humble, homo sapiens. We may have invented cars, but chimps remember numbers better than humans do in a simple memory test. [New Scientist]
  • A sixteen-year-old dinosaur enthusiast discovered the frozen, mummified remains of a dinosaur in Montana, complete with muscle tissue and skin. That was back in 1999, and now the high-tech paleontological research is in. Turns out this dino had hooves and scales [National Geographic].
  • In England, the National Lottery funded a psychology research study which proved that money doesn't make people happy. Not exactly the outcome the Lottery was hoping for, I'd wager. [Science Daily]

Image by AP.

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