Tron-like House of the Future will be built over a Beijing mall

People have been building the house of the future for decades, but that's not deterring the Australian design firm LAVA. They're building a futuristic dwelling over a mall in Beijing, and it looks like Willy Wonka's psilocybin bender.


Here's the description of this crazed neon pleasure dome from the Laboratory for Visionary Architecture Asia Pacific:

LAVA's Home of the future is a showcase for future living with man, nature and technology in harmony. Home of the future will be built later this year on the rooftop of a new shopping mall in Beijing. An artificial sky dome will provide a year-round microclimate that opens up the home to a tropical garden filled with sun, light and fresh air, an oasis in the city. The fluid design and organisational strategy based on the structure of cells is easily adapted to suit specific requirements. Visitors will experience 15 different living spaces, from internal/external bathroom zones, to kitchens flowing to veggie patches and outdoor decks, to sunken bedrooms with dream-inducing lighting.

Sunken bedrooms? Dream-inducing lighting? They're not building a house, they're building a damn Dollhouse. One evening in this place and you'll be doing blank-faced yoga for the rest of your days. The house will be completed in late 2011.

[Spotted on Fast Company]


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