Tron Legacy falls 54% in its second weekend, claims 3rd place at box office

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Several weeks ago, we reported that Tron Legacy would have to gross $50 million in its opening weekend to recoup its $200 million budget. This weekend wasn't much help, as it's on track to gross $20.1 million.


Tron Legacy placed behind the roundly loathed Meet The Fockers and the Coen brothers' latest Western outing, True Grit. The Jack Black vehicle Gulliver's Travels opened with $7.2 million at 7th. Overall, the holiday weekend was down 42% from 2009 — last year was bolstered by blockbusters like Avatar and Sherlock Holmes. The blizzard on the East Coast certainly didn't help this weekend's box office haul.


Given that Tron Legacy isn't getting the numbers Disney's looking for, it's unclear what this means for the future of the Tron franchise. Disney certainly seems committed to make it work (what with the upcoming Tron Uprising TV series), but will a flaccid box office gross put the kibosh on a sequel (or Tron Legacy director Joe Kosinki's upcoming remake of Disney's The Black Hole)?


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Two points:

1) These are just domestic numbers. The film will make its money back via overseas sales. And, unless I heard incorrectly, critically it seems like the film has been received more favorably in the foreign market than in the US.

2) Again this may just be my own incorrect interpretation, but it seems like most every film released the latter half of this year has struggled at the BO. 2010 saw only a few exceptional films released, with a handful of arguably decent ones but a generous side of rubbish. Add that mess onto a continually tough economy and rising ticket prices. The result is that people may just not be interested in going to the theaters right now.

$7.50-15.00 is a lot to dish out for something that may not be worth the 2 or so hours.